Ike De Jager has been riding and racing motorcycles for more than 35 years. Originally from South Africa, Ike moved to the United States about 16 years ago. Previously, Ike trained in Switzerland for 6 years and all over Europe, working with the KTM Team of Belgium. His love for motocross and motocross training lead him to become a trainer with Gary Semics for 7 years. After working with Gary Semics, Ike decided to head out on his own. His goal was to develop a complete motocross training package that would become a blueprint for success and lead his students to become champions. Some of Ike’s past students include Les Smith, Broc Tickle and PJ Larson. Quality education and training is key to being successful in motocross.

 Ike has raced all over the world and won many national races. In 2000, he won the Min-Olympics in Florida and the GNC in Texas. He won all his motos in the Plus 50 class at Lorretta Lynn’s and World’s Vets in 2001. Ike won the World Vets in 2016 in the 65+ category and will make another run for a championship in 2019. For more than 20 years Ike has strived to produce a higher level of education for motocross and supercross racing. Ike believes in emphasizing the 80% mental and 20% physical aspect of the sport.

Ike is a certified motorcycle safety foundation (MSF) coach #122480 and a certified ATV Safety Institute (ATV) instructor #122480. As a certified RiderCoach, Ike is authorized to train candidates for MSF RiderCoach certification.

USMCA Certification
Ike De Jager
Motorcycle Safety Foundation