Welcome to the world of two wheels! Once you get the hang of it and experience the thrill of freedom, you will be hooked for life. We provide totally entry level programs for:

• People who have never ridden and don’t own a motorcycle.
• People who own a motorcycle and want to learn to ride better.

Our schools are based on a building block format, one step at a time. We don’t go to the next exercise until a certain amount of proficiency is shown in previous exercise. The class is taught on a closed range course. We also provide MSF certification if required.

Don’t be macho. Starting with baby steps is the key. CONFIDENCE is everything you need to start on a motorcycle that is not too big and too powerful. Whatever level you are at, we will to take you to the next. This school is open to all male and female riders from the age of 6 and up.


This is designed for students/riders who have racing in mind. Whether it is motocross, supercross or enduros; this is a more advanced school where we help you increase your skill level to be able to go faster. These schools are conducted on a motocross track with jumps, whoops, ruts etc. The higher your level of control, the faster you can go. If you go faster than your control, it’s called “out of control”, which in turn will result in an accident.
If you break down the skill requirements to ride a dirt bike, it comes down to three basic elements.
1. Control – how you handle all five controls on the bike
2. Balance – your body movement for counter balancing
3. Timing – when to move your body, and when to use the controls

It’s very important to understand that there are certain techniques required to execute certain moves on a motorcycle i.e. just to do a flat corner requires 12 techniques (where you sit on the bike, where your head should be, where your inside leg should be, where your outside leg should be, where your elbows should be) etc. It is also important to learn that you can’t put the cart before the horse. You can’t expect to be able to do the big double and triple jumps on the track when you can’t even execute a rutted corner. You have to have the proper techniques.

Ike has trained some of the current pro riders Les Smith, Broc Tickle and PJ Larson to name a few. They worked and trained hard and now all that hard work has paid off. They are on TV racing superstars.


This school is conducted on small CRF 150’s. The basic idea is to teach students traction and traction control which in turn will apply to their road racing. However doing it on the smaller bikes reduces the risk of injury due to the slower speeds. The CRF 150 and a R1 basically are the same. Both have 5 controls, both have two wheels, the difference is the speed. Speed is only a by-product of control. Steering the bike with the rear wheel and learning how to utilize the maximum out of all the controls.


This is for the road riding enthusiasts who wants to take the path less traveled. You wouldn’t want to go down a dirt road and only to find that because there is a little steam of water going across it which will stop you from your journey and not being able to see what is on the other side. In this course you will learn how to cross that stream safely, which will open your world to adventure. Therefore, on a big bike such as a GS1200 you will be taught how to go through thick sand, over rocks, through mud and water, execute steep up hills and steep down hills etc. In general this class will also make you a much stronger, confident, controlled and safer rider on the street. You can use your own dual sport bike or rent a small dirt bike from us to do this school. 


This part can be two fold. You take this course if you want to be competitive, or just for weekends when you want to go out and have fun with your friends. This country of ours, offers so much opportunity for trail riding with thousands and thousands miles of beautiful trails. The more proficient you are at riding, the more places you can go. Also this is a very physical workout while you are having fun.

This is probably the most popular part of dirt bike riding. However you must learn to look for the challenges on the trail instead of dreading them and looking for a way around them.


Trainer, Ike de Jager has been involved for the past 20 years training the military navy seals, Delta Force, Air force, marines to whatever level they want to go including tactical maneuvers with night vision goggles. Call or email for more information.