Trainer Ike De Jager has years of experience helping Motocross riders master the techniques they need to take their racing to the next level. Don’t you love filming yourself riding? Send your video to Ike or let him know where to watch it on Youtube. He’ll analyze your video and provide you with a one-on-one coaching session addressing all the areas of concern. Ike has coached many MX riders and helped them:

  • Become a safer rider with less chance of injury
  • Get more speed
  • Prevent fatigue during the race
  • Make less mistakes
  • Jump better
  • Corner faster
  • Learn to brake for better control
  • Build confidence to flow into and out of ruts
  • Improve performance on the starting line
  • Master body position


Ike will analyze your video and highlight any mistakes you’re making in corners, whoops, ruts, jumps etc. He will provide answers to any questions you may have and address any areas that are providing frustration.

Ike will not only show you the correct techniques. He’ll also help you with a game plan to help you achieve your goals.

Glen Helen Ike De Jager