New Challenge: Baja Rally 2020

The Baja rally is known as one of the most torturous dirt bike races in the world. It’s held each year on the Baja California Peninsula and attracts competitors from all over the world.

The five-day event is comprised of timed special stages for expert and pro motorcycles only. The length of the special stages will vary between 50 and 250 miles. The weather is a major challenge and ranges from impenetrable fog to rain and snow. Added to this is every racers’ nightmare, the dreaded blinding silt that is kicked up by the bikes and cars on the course. Preparation is key to surviving the race.

Baja Rally 2020 takes place September 28 – October 3 and Ike has challenged himself to compete.

Ike doesn’t want to compete in the Baja 2020 by himself. He wants to experience and share it with some of his friends. Who’s going to join him in making some exciting memories?

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