The Healthy Way of Living Our Life

The healthy way of living our life is a magnifying glass for probing and searching every facet of our lives. This includes relationships, health, environment, in fact, all aspects of making our life complete.

This is the mechanism for reflecting how aligned our priorities and choices are with principles, morals, and passions. If we take cognizance of how this, impacts across different areas of living, we arrive at the following conclusions:

Mindset, Outlook or Attitude
Negotiate your day with intention and purpose, be in the now with absolute clarity how to move forward, this driving force can influence all your choices and actions and get you closer to your goals, ultimately those big dreams.

Health, Well-Being, and Happiness
Always take care of yourself from a physical, mental, and emotional perspective, which includes plenty of sleep, give yourself permission to rest.
Manage and lower your stress levels, allowing you to mend when you are feeling down. You, as your finest advocate should be actively involved in your own healthcare, take breaks or vacations if you can, take time out from technology and social media, and embrace those you love.

Self-motion that energizes movement on a physical and mental level, embracing exercise in whatever form, that motivates you to work your body and mind. Exercise with an awareness allowing you to challenge yourself with the ultimate intention of reaching new goals each day.

Eat whole, fresh un-processed foods with no preservatives, choose foods you enjoy, thus adding to the nourishment and your taste satisfaction. Correct food choices will guide your body to react in the best way, as well as your sense of well-being will start improving. Drink plenty of water which allows you to hydrate, get to know your unique body, so if necessary, take supplements to optimize your nutrition.

Relationships and Associations
Your communication and connection with yourself and others are so important, learn how to spend time cultivating truthful, sincere, spirited relationships with those you love. Explore how to find enjoyment and happiness in each other. Always be kind, good, and respectful, importantly to those who have conflicting or opposing viewpoints. Treat and speak to others with respect and reverence as you would to yourself.
If you take the time to listen, learn, and ask questions, all pertinent information becomes a chapter in your book knowledge. Utilize your competitors as those who are pushing you to become better.

Connect and be with people and causes that do the most good to your community and to society. If you are able contemplate volunteering your services, thus helping those who are less fortunate. This will make a difference to yourself, as well as the world.

Follow your passions allowing you to enjoy your work, your enthusiasm will become infectious that exhilarates you as well as those around you. This becomes the convergence of your interests and abilities, allowing you to contribute your best and bringing out the finest in others.

Use your devices consciously setting limits on how much time you spend on them every day. When screen time is having a negative effect on your ability or thought process, this becomes the perfect tool to use technology to your advantage. Walk away.

Personal Development
Learning a never-ending pursuit. Listen to your inner voice and internal desires on how to create and develop new skills or knowledge. Do not stop expanding your horizons, as you are never too old to learn.

Planet Earth is our home and the only one we have, but also that of generations and all creatures to come. So, by choice as well as a necessity we have to take care of it through conscious daily decisions, not only protecting our fauna and flora but protecting our whole environment. Be a leader in making social responsibility the norm, our decisions will ensure the Earth’s safety for generations to come, allowing others to thrive.

This is my version of ‘The Healthy Way of Living Our Life’ hoping that this interpretation motivates you to reflect on it and what it means for you.

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