Why You Need Dirt Bike Coaching

I have often wondered why so many potentially good riders never recognize the need for a qualified dirt bike coaching to assist and train them in reaching their racing goals.

This without a doubt has cost many good riders, and potentially great riders, their championship and eventually their racing careers. This is a major weakness and especially true in motocross.

Michael Jordan is considered by most people a great athlete. When an interviewer asks him how come “He”, one of the world’s greatest athletes still has a trainer/coach, his response was simply; “Good athletes always recognize the need to maintain an edge to stay in shape and keep ahead of the competition. A good coach/trainer is worth his weight in gold for the information he provides and how much faster you can learn. You have probably noticed all top athletes have coaches or trainers. 

Having a coach/trainer is a success clue that has allowed me to reach, and maintain, my championship level and goals year after year. Any serious athlete, no matter what his level of competition, would be foolish not having a coach/trainer at his side. I have five coaches, one for each part of my basketball skill levels.”

The trial and error learning method requires many years of your time and effort to reach your goals. A motocross rider’s average racing career is between the ages of 15-25, which is only a ten year span. Coaches greatly reduce the required learning time of any skill level whether mental or physical.

Your thinking process is by far your best asset to becoming a great rider. You must always be willing to learn more. How you think and behave becomes your direction of growth and development in life. The choices you make or don’t make dictates the life you live. The choices you made yesterday become your future today. The choices you make today will become your future tomorrow.

The underlying foundation that wins championships for you is learning. The quality of your learning and the rate that you learn at is the key to your success. As you learn to feed and exercise your creative mind, you become more intuitive and creative.

Performance is the key that opens the door to any championship. Your success in motocross will only be measured by your performance. Learning how to perform is a major concern to you in your skill level development in motocross racing. Attitude and behavior are the hidden secrets that lead you to any championship.

With the demands placed on all athletes today, you can’t afford to make one mistake or bad move. Winning a championship nowadays is much tougher and there are a lot of good athletes out there willing to take your place at the top. 

Most good trainers and coaches have been to the top several times and know the pathway there and back. They know what it takes in an athlete, and whether an athlete has what it takes to get to the top. Utilizing this great wealth of knowledge dirt bike coaching will provide you with a road map to your racing dreams. 

Having this type of trainer/coach not only means having a greater probability of reaching your dreams, goals, championships, titles and hearts desires; but will keep you on coarse and not wasting your time by ensuring you many championships as well.

What are these victories worth to you as a young up-coming athlete/champion? Isn’t it worth having a better quality education that a coach/trainer provides that wakes up the champion within you. It’s the coaches’ job to keep you at your best. Accomplishing your goals step-by-step, keeping you on course to your racing goals and in the winner’s circle. Most athletes can only talk the talk. Talk is “talk.” Only the elite few can actually walk the walk. Walkers “Do”.

Contact Ike de Jager for dirt bike coaching in North Carolina, South Carolina and surrounds. 

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Ike de Jager providing dirt bike coaching

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